Why Him?*

Because he is extremely ethical and principled not only in words but also in deeds..

Because I respect, admire, and cherish everything that he is, and never have I thought as many traits could exist in one..

Because I haven’t met a person with such a well-rounded character before, truly a Jack-of-all-trades, and that only motivates me to do more with my life..

Because I have yet to hear of a man who has read several big books on relationships and how to achieve a successful partnership .. Which only shows how much of a man and caring partner he is..

Because I haven’t thought I could be blessed with a husband that asks me every now and then how he can make me happy, and truly earnestly means it, even after he got me to be his wife.. Or that such men even existed for that matter..

Because as great as he is, he still has no reservations expressing how willing and eager he is to improve further to be an even better partner ..

Because he is a generous man in every possible way, and to the extent of his ability..

Because through his eyes and actions I feel the love, kindness and care of a father..

Because he loved my smile and looks even when I had my braces on..

Because he is so thoughtful, reliable and attentive to every detail that I feel compelled to do more to equal that..

Because he never hurt my feelings even remotely and is very careful not to..

Because there isn’t a single mean cell in his body.. He has the heart and loving nature of a baby, yet the looks, strength, and faith of a very solid tough man..

Because even though I took a huge leap of faith getting married to someone I only knew for a little over a month, he makes me more certain with every day that passes that my faith in him was justified.  I would still take the same leap if I were to choose again..

Because I am not having to write these words to find something to gift him on his birthday, but feel overwhelmingly wanting to express them..

Because, regarding me as a treasure, he feels he should strive to fulfill my every dream and doesn’t realize how I already regard him as a Godsend..

Because there’s a lot for me to learn from him..

Because even through tough or stressful times he makes me feel calm putting more faith and tranquility in my heart..

Because having him in my life I find myself going to bed everyday with a smile on my face and love in my heart, not a tear in my eyes or fear in my heart..

In short, it’s because I would just love to grow old with him  ❤

*Note: This is about why He was the one for me. Written a year before, but only published Mar 12th 2018

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