Whether Good or Bad, Today’s Internet Augments it..

apps blur button close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Addiction is not the only danger that lurks beneath the use of the internet and social media in their current form and functionality.

Obviously, no two persons browsing the internet are presented with the same news/article feeds. Instead, each gets results that are based on his historical use of the internet, his location, his personal profile, and several other factors. This so-called smart-feeds feature of the internet can be very useful or very dangerous. The feature that was first intended and utilized to show customers “more of the same” product, adopted first by Facebook, Twitter, then other social media organizations, has proliferated to search engines, YouTube and most forms of internet use. Hence, feeding the user more of his same ideals, inclinations, and tools that if classified as good, would serve the best interest of the user, the society, and morals. Whereas an endless stream of what could be classified as bad, harmful, immoral, narcissistic, materialistic, or even malicious and criminal will augment and nourish such seeds, inevitably creating monstrous humans. This means that the user gets more or less that which reinforces his own beliefs, be it virtuous and reasonable or evil and unreasonable, rather than a fair dose of all other beliefs, opinions, and information, thus countering the intended virtue of open mindedness and well-rounded view of topics.  These algorithms employed to predict and curate what the user sees do NOT have his best interest in mind, but are rather a means to get him more hooked on whatever feeds his interest, regardless of its affects or values, benefiting only the organizations that developed them.. The feeds are smart in the sense that they “predict” what you’re looking for, but are surely not making us any smarter because they don’t give us a comprehensive and holistic view of topics that includes the opposition.

This polarization in different directions is extremely dangerous and creates very heterogeneous societies. Diversity is essential but without extremism.

In short, smart-feeds create more of what you are, instead of helping you improve and evolve!!  It’s up to you to ensure you get a comprehensive view on different issues.

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