Universe’s Strongest Element

A beautiful and thought-provoking reflection I’ve heard lately goes something like this…

We looked at the MOUNTAINS and thought.. How mighty!! NOTHING can destroy them!!..

Then GOD sent IRON.. and it cut through the mountains..

Consequently, we felt IRON was the strongest of all.. Then God sent Fire, and it melted the Iron..

Despite its power to melt all, God sent WATER, and it extinguished Fire..

WATER seemed like the Toughest element, until it evaporated and became clouds that the WIND can blow in any direction it wishes..

The only being that was able to harness the Winds was MAN !!!

Thus we thought MAN was the greatest of all creatures…

Nevertheless, he was conquered by no other than SLEEP !!


Except that SLEEP was also overcome by FEAR, ANXIETY, WORRY !!! …

Now it seemed like no element could win over this… This is when FAITH came.. And defeated all!!!

When you have faith that…

  • ALL things in life are Decreed upon you …. Thus you are NOT in control and cannot prevent things from happening..
  • That all that is decreed is ONLY for your own good and advantage… Thus it’s not meant to hurt you or make you suffer (How Can it Be All Good? )…
  • That whatever calamity or hardships we go through are but a chapter in our story, a scene in a long play that hasn’t ended yet, therefore you cannot make conclusions yet..
  • That you still have control over how you react to what’s decreed upon you, and that can affect and change the course of your future (Still known to God but not to you).. Hence you have to react with positivity and perseverance, remaining thankful the whole time..

Then, Fear, Anxiety and Worry will never find a way to your heart and mind.  Do the best that you are capable of, and don’t worry for a second about the consequences or what should come later.  The Ultimate Merciful is handling that part….

FAITH is the greatest, toughest and most effective of all elements and creations.

Have Faith, Change your Life

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