About me..

How can one really compose this?  It’s so difficult to put together all that is YOU !

I’m the fruit of so many experiences, follies, triumphs, pains, moments of weakness, and seasons of strength…

Excelled academically (still love learning), found many beautiful friendships with people from many different nationalities, thus blessed with openness to, and understanding of, diverse cultures.  The diversity also found its way into my professional experiences, both in the types of positions I held and the people I worked with.

Blessed in countless aspects of my life, but also tested quite hard.  I’m especially thankful for my incredibly wonderful parents, two exceptional children, loving, supportive and distinguished extended family, a very delightful childhood, my treasure of amazing friends, plus each one of the jobs I handled, which I enjoyed tremendously and learned a lot from.

Born a Damascene, with a bloodline extending to the Hashemite and chivalrous Jordan, the wonderful Lebanon, and the majestic Iraq.

Raised in beautiful Kuwait, where I had my joyous childhood, till attainment of my college degree.  A phase that privileged me with the chance to interact with diverse cultural backgrounds, which nurtured my personality and enriched my intellect. Thus, Kuwait will always have in my heart a very special place.

I spent several years later experiencing the sophisticated British Royal traditions, the London distinct aura, the incredibly organized and precise lifestyle, and well-known gloomy weather.

To be followed by unforgettable years in the Saudi Kingdom, surrounded by a unique culture that I have come to love .. For my current base to be in the land of the astonishing Emirates .. And, with all the years I spent in the Gulf region, a passion developed for their melodies, poetry and mystic perfumery..

Academically, holding a master’s in Information Systems Management, and a certification in work-team development. My professional career took me from software coding, to systems management, network administration, IT an maths teaching, and finally to translation/content writing, quality control, training and branding consultancy.

I am the eager and continuous learner, that believes in an everlasting journey of development in all aspects, with a passion for and commitment to all the is humane, compassionate and ethical.

My writings are never intended as literary work.  They are thoughts and experiences I share aiming to provoke people’s thoughts with other perspectives, and to hopefully give inspiration and value.


ما جرى ويجري جعلني أتساءل عن عروبتي، وقد خلصت إلى..

انتمائي وولائي هو أولاً لعقيدتي وإيماني وإسلامي لربٍ واحد لا شريك له ولرسله جميعًا صلوات الله وسلامه عليهم…
أما بعد ذلك، فأنا دمشقية الدم.. سوريّة الهوى والروح.. أحمل في أصولي بعضًا من جمال لبنان وعراقة العراق وشهامة الأردن.. نشأت وشربت وتنفست خيرات الكويت الجميلة وعشقت خلال تلك السنين كل الثقافات المتنوعة التي غذّت شخصيتي وفكري.. سنوات عديدة قضيتها في حضن التقاليد البريطانية الملكية الراقية.. تبعتها سنين لا تُنسى وسط الأجواء السعوديةا المتميّزة التي أحببتها.. لتكون محطتي الحالية في أرض الإمارات الرائعة.. ويصبح في قلبي مكانٌ خاص يه وىالنغم والشعروالروائح الخليجية..

لساني عربيٌّ فصيحوتكاد لاتقلّ عنه إجادتي للإنجليزيةوكلُّ ما سبق هوأنا“..

لكنني في النهاية لست عربية.. ولا يعنيني أن أنتمي لتقسيماتٍ قومية أو قبلية

ندى السمان

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