Content Value Indicators (CVIs) for Social Media Content Creators and Influencers

I give in this article indicators and measurements that help you assess the importance and quality of the content you present, and accordingly, modify and improve it.

We must first define the term ‘content’ intended by this article. Here, we are not addressing posts of a purely personal nature related to family photos or memories, for which, their publisher’s aim is to share with his family and friends some important moments and events in his life, although even these must be subject to evaluation and filtering, so that their publisher and his stories are not deemed too repetitive, pointless, and boring. We are, instead, examining content presented as being professional or under the banner of “impact or influence”. Everyone who provides such content should scrutinize it honestly and objectively using the indicators and measurements below to assess its importance and value, and consequently, modify and improve future content.

With each indicator, I’ve also included some questions that help understand it.




Followers & Feedback


1.      Do you have a clear vision, direction and objectives that guide your choice of content?

2.      What do your posts provoke, target and speak to? What merchandise are you promoting? Or, in other words, what is your area of influence if you consider yourself an influencer? (the intellect, the body, positivity, optimism, inspiration and motivation, decent entertainment, superior values)

3.      Does your content showcase your valuable achievements so that it is an introduction and marketing for your business that others may need and would add value to their lives?

4.      Does it fall into one of the following categories?

a. Important and useful information

b. Funny, joyful and entertaining in an innovative way without being trivial, mocking or insulting to others

c. Inspirational ideas

d. Reminder to the oblivious of some important life aspects

e. Driving self-development while avoiding repeated and plagiarized phrases and ideas

f. Novelty, creativity, and distinction, whether artistically, intellectually, or spiritually

g. Promoting positive and superior human values


1.      How much time, research, knowledge, thought and effort did it take to prepare your content? Or is the goal a continuous pumping of cloned, regurgitated, useless, and uninspiring content?

2.      Do you have enough specialization, experience, and knowledge in the field of your content that really qualify you to deliver it?

3.      Do you flood your followers with an endless daily stream of your photos and looks that adds no value to their lives? (Noting that a person’s appearance barely changes overnight). This only means that what you’re trying to sell is actually ‘You’.

4.      Is your content useful or entertaining enough, adds value, and worth wasting and stealing even seconds of your followers’ lives?


1.      Is your content befitting of your values, religion, morals, name, and family?

2.      Are you really proud of your content? (in terms of moral levels, as a role model, high human value, distinctive and innovative and not a boring reproduction or repetition of other people’s words or ideas, or that it is amusing and laughable)

3.      Practice accountability. Be a mirror of yourself and take a critical look from afar. Do you sense the absurdity of your content or its high value? In ten years’ time, would you appreciate the effect of your content on future generations?


1.      Do you have real, interactive followers who are interested in your intellect, thoughts or entertainment; NOT in your appearance, looks, and clothes?

2.      Are the ‘Likes’ you receive on your posts real and honest, or mere social compliments, or family support?

3.      Are followers’ comments honest, useful, purposeful, critical and guiding to future content or just flirtatious and flattering?

4. Are your followers eager for more of your content? If you don’t post for a while, do they miss you or ask you for more content? (here again we don’t mean more personal photos and selfies)

One of the most important criteria for evaluating content remains, and we should invite, the critical opinions of our content, which will reflect the broader view of the general audience. Here, we should avoid settling for praise and compliments, and look instead for the brutally honest opinion that may displease us, nonetheless, it prompts us to think and reconsider what we publish.

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