Blogging ..

 So, Why Am I Doing This..?!


I’ve always found it easier to express my thoughts in writing rather than in speech.. I don’t really know what the underlying psychological reasoning in, nor is it of significance..  Whenever I needed to make an important request (even from my father), explain a sensitive issue, or express something emotional, my favourite instrument would be a pen !!

The essence of the matter is that I love to write..

For the sake of writing? Maybe.  It’s always been a passion and something I excel in.

For the sake of filling my time? Not really.  I can’t even find the time for it.  I’m wondering how I’m adding blogging to my life even as I write this.

But certainly because I have thoughts I’d love to share.  Some that I feel strongly about, others I’m not sure of and would love to hear other perspectives on, and finally, some crazy spur-of-the-moment ones (those may have come to me as I put myself to bed, first thoughts when I wake up, or that just popped-up and I felt excited about and didn’t lend much analysis or research to).  Definitely don’t adopt any of the above in your life before you do your own homework.

My blogs do represent my views and ideals, hence my character.  They are not, however, related in any way or give details of my personal life.  This to me has to be kept in restricted circles.

Stories included, while real, are about miscellaneous characters, people I’ve met and discussed topics with throughout my life.  Actual names or details that may reveal the actual person shall not be revealed.

Finally, I started this because I definitely want to learn from you, gain more insights and expand my views on various matters.


Please excuse my lack of experience in blogging..  I’m still a toddler !!!    🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogging ..

  1. Nisreen Alfarra

    I used to write every single thought .. I used to have a book of thoughts ..then I felt I need to hide those or throw them away cz they might be strange or weird .. Writing is the best communication tool in my point of view as it eliminates the face to face thing , and gives u the freedom to dump all that is inside u .. keep writing Nada and encourage othors tomdo the same ..we need to read ourselves 😊


    1. I love love looove your expression “we need to read ourselves” .. So true.. As it gets difficult to really know yourself when you’re constantly trying to suppress your ideas for the sake of conforming to the norm


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