The Parenthood Syndrome..

If your primary purpose from having children is having someone to lean on in old age, allow me to say it’s selfish.  Having children should be for the greater purpose of continuity of life.

The things I do or did for my children are purely out of love, I hate to consider them a debt they have to repay.  It takes away the glory of motherhood and of being a female.. a life- and love-giver.

All I want is for them to be safe and happy, I’ll always do my best to see to it, not expecting any returns or rewards, or for them to follow in my same footsteps or adopt my ideas and opinions.. Rather, I shall learn from them a new outlook to life.. Just as they have learned from me, one day, how to take the first steps… How to start right !!

Set the children free from the slavery of guilt and duty, and entrapment in our own old school of thought !!

2 thoughts on “The Parenthood Syndrome..

  1. Mona Hossny

    I love the smoothness of how you write and the clarity and directness of the message !
    Thank you for this message in particular Nada, I hope it lands on every human ear 🙏😊❤️


    1. Thank you so much much Mona for your sweet words of encouragement… This one in particular i was looking forward to hearing some views on.. Glad there’s another person, especial as wise as yourself, that sees it in the same way 😊


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