Do Not Cheer Me When I’m Wrong

Do Not praise me if I don’t deserve praise.

Do Not tell me I’m beautiful just to flatter me, or hoping that I “return the compliment”.

Do Not like my photos, posts, or what I write if you don’t really feel like it or you disagree.

Do Not send me happy birthday wishes if you do it out of courtesy or duty.

Do Not gift me for any reason other than sincerely wanting to.

Do Not tell me you like me or miss me if you really don’t.

Do Not compliment any of my acts if they’re wrong or unjust.

Do Not support me if I stray.

Do Not tell me I’m good when I’m being bad.

One genuine, loving, sincere word is to me worth much more than all the fake likes and compliments.  And one genuine, sincere, loving friend is worth a hundred fake ones.

I totally understand being nice to people, wanting to make them feel great and lift-up their spirits.  This is honorable and commendable.  But when it’s done for special interests, expectating reciprocation, social hypocrisy, or for fear of upsetting the praised person, it becomes ugly and distasteful.


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